Teach your helper to keep warm in winter

The weather is getting more cold in these common few days. Employers please check with your new helper to make sure they have enough clothes/blanket/quilt to keep warm. We have no obligation to buy them new or beautiful clothes, second hand clothes will be fine, as long as they are clean. But we do have responsibility to make sure they are warm enough.

If it is your helper's first winter, it is normal that they have no idea how much to wear indoor and outdoor, how many and how thick the clothes they should help themselves/your kid to put on. You should tell them clearly which and how many cloth(es) they/ the kid should wear in different temperature, when to wear scraf, gloves, bonnet, ...... Also, wearing socks when sleeps can help the helpers and kids to keep warm when sleep. In day time, they should wear socks and slippers. Do not assume they should know.