What to prepare for bringing a baby/toddler out in Summer

For a family with a baby/toddler, it is good for the parents/caregiver to know what to prepare for a baby/toddler whenever we will bring them out. If you have a domestic helper, you should give her a checklist about what to prepare for baby/ toddler(Of course you can add/deduce some items according to different family needs), do not assume they know what to prepare especially if they are new to your family:


  • Milk powder, Milk bottle, +/- hot water (for bottle feeding baby)

  • Breastfeeding towel(for breastfeeding baby)

  • Water bottle with water

  • Snacks, +/-baby food & bowl, spoon, fork (for babies above 6 months)

  • +/-Bibs(for feeding)

  • Small towels(for putting on the back/ dry the sweat/ feeding, number of towels depends on how long you will go out)


  • Diapers(it’s always safe to bring 1 or 2 extra diapers)

  • changing mat

  • Tissue wipes(without alcohol)

  • Tissue pack

  • vaseline/ baby powder(for buttock)

  • A set of clothes(in case baby wet the clothes or vomit)

  • Extra pants/disposable pants(for toddlers during toilet training period)

  • plastic bag(for wet clothes)

  • Baby lotion

  • blanket/ jacket(to keep baby/ toddlers warm in air conditioned area)

  • 1-2 baby toys

  • +/- pacifier(s)

  • Which bag to use to put all these things


In summer, skin protection for baby and toddlers is important, too.

  • +/-Baby cap or hat

  • Sunblock lotion(for baby)

  • umbrella(for sunblock or rainy day)

  • +/- fan/ electric fan

  • Anti-mosquito/anti-insect repellent/spray/ointment(for baby)


If you have a helper, when she will need to go out with you and the kid, or enjoy her holidays, please teach her to bring her HKID card, mobile(with battery and load), wallet, a bottle of water, a jacket, umbrella for herself, too.

I hope parents, baby/toddler and helper enjoy going out in summer.