The minimum wage for Hong Kong’s foreign domestic helpers is to be increased by 2.3 per cent, to HK$4,410 a month


The Government announced that the minimum wage for foreign domestic helpers(FDH) signed on or after 30 September 2017 is to be increased from $ 4,310 to $ 4,410. Meal allowance will be increased to not less than $1,053 per month.

Some employers consult me: Do they need to increase the salary of their FDH (who are working in Hong Kong) to $ 4,410? The answer is: "NO". The salary of a FDH within two years of work is based on the amount written in the contract. By the Hong Kong law, employers cannot pay lower than the amount of salary written on contracts. But, employers also have the right to pay FDH higher salary at any time. Therefore, employers with FDH who is working in Hong Kong/ signed contract on or before September 29, 2017, have no obligation to increase their FDHs' salary to $ 4,410.  

In spite of this, FDHs will like compare their salaries to each other. There have been a FDH whose overall performance was good, often cheerful. One day, this FDH's performance got worse suddenly, and she looked very sad.  When talking to this FDH, I found out the reason: When she heard that the government increased the minimum wage for Hong Kong FDH, she regretted to come so early and was sad to earn $100 less each month. Finally, her employer decided to add $ 100 to this FDH in her monthly salary, and this FDH was so happy and thankful, that she performed better.

As an employer, if you does not mind to increase your FDH to $ 4,410, you can tell her it is an reward for her good performance at work. If the performance of your FDH is not satisfactory, you can encourage them that they can get an additional bonus of $ 100 per month if they will improved in certain areas.

For the detail of the Government's decision to increase the minimum wage for FDHs, please visit the following website: