Gentle reminders for employers in winter

Dear employers of foreign domestic helpers:

Below are some gentle reminders for you in winter. It will help to promote their efficiency and effectiveness at work, increase harmony at your home.

Sufficient clothes to keep warm

Do you know if your helpers have enough clothes and blankets/quilts to keep warm It is winter?  Please ask them. Do not guess. Although employers have no obligation to buy new clothes for helpers, you should provide them with enough clothes to keep warm at work, enough blankets/quilts to keep warm when sleep. It is very important, especially if this is their first winter. If your helpers get sick because of not getting warm enough, your family will suffer too. You may need to pick up all her work and take care of her.

Most of the helpers, no matter Indonesians or Filipinos, do not mind to wear second-hand clothes. Ask your friends or relatives with similar sizes for second-hand clothes, and give it to your helpers. 

Enough food to eat

We may want to eat more in winter. Same as your helpers. Do your helpers have enough food to eat in winter? Ask and get the answer. Usually, helpers are shy to tell their employers about food problem. 

If your helpers say that the food provided is not enough/ they will feel hungry quickly/ you do not want them to spend much time cook their breakfast/lunch, please consider asking your helper to cook more rice, meat and vegetables at night, so they can pack 2 lunch boxes, 1 for their breakfast, 1 for their lunch. It does not take much time to reheat a lunch box. A hungry helper is usually forgetful, easy to show blackface, impolite, poor in performance.

 Most Filipinos and Indonesians like to eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although we encourage the helpers to eat whatever employers provide, rice gives people a better sense of fullness than bread, congee, cereals, especially in winter. 

gloves 2.jpeg

Use gloves in washing dishes and cleaning

Do you provide your helpers with gloves in washing dishes and cleaning? If not, please buy gloves for them and ordered them to use it. If you do not allow them to use gloves in cleaning and washing dishes, please provide them with hand cream. If their hands crack because of touching the water too frequently, it will be very painful, and pain will prevent them to focus at work. It is cheaper to buy them gloves than bring them to see a doctor.


Provide your helpers with sufficient clothes to keep warm, enough food to eat; ask them to use gloves in washing dishes and cleaning/ provide them with hand cream. Your helpers can feel your love and care directly, will perform better. May all employers and helpers enjoy a warm winter and a warm family