English New Employer Orientation Class
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 “As an Arrow client, this is the first time I have attended an Employer Orientation session. Ms Kathy Lam has diligently spoken about some common and not so common rules and facts about keeping helpers.
Honestly, I have learnt a lot as there were certain common sense things that I was not aware about. She has explained all the not aware about. She has explained all the points very clearly and has been very encouraging in understanding my point of view. She has told me how to look at life from the point of view of a helper, and I hope I can learn and follow what has been told to me today.”      
   - Mrs Gunjan,  attendee of Employer Orientation Class (in English)

Filipino domestic helpers' employers, and people planning to hire a Filipino homestic helper


  • How to coach, do evaluation with a new helper

  • Filipino Culture

  • New helpers' common concerns

  • Helpers' common problems & how to handle it

  • How to bulid a trust relationship with helpers

  • High Risk Employers

Speaker: Ms. Kathy Lam Lai King
- Managing Director & Family Life Coach of I Care Family
- Kathy used to work in Arrow to handle most of the employers and helpers' complains, give       orientation to new employers as well as new helpers.

Upcoming Class

English Employer Orientation Class (course no.: ER20190628)

Date: 28 June 2019

Time: 7pm-9:30pm

Place:  Paulus Cultural Centre

         20/F Sunbeam Commercial Building, 469-471 Nathan Road, Yaumatei, Kowloon . (near Yaumatei MTR exit C)

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